A Scientometric Study on Bioinformatics during 2015 To 2019: Global Perspective

  • Mr.N.Muruganandham, Dr.P.Sivaraman ,Dr.M.Muthu


This paper investigates the Scientometric study on Bio Informatics during 2015 to 2019 using the Scopus Database during 2015 to 2019. The filtered the data of using the keywords Bioinformatics search. Totally 49830 documents were analyzed in the study. The growth of Bioinformatics research is highest number of publications is 15393 in 2019, an annual growth rate in 2019, 15393 (62.59%). Relative growth rate in year 2016 (0.67) increased and in 2018 is decrease level and exponential ratio and in arithmetic ratio in the explosion of the Bioinformatics research and doubling time increase in the time period in 2018 is 4.83. The author productivity among the five years period is 57272, in 2019, 15393 (26.88%), top ten cited documents during the five years is 22655 and in 2015, 11434 (50.47%) in the bioinformatics research.