A Study on Brand Awareness and Brand Perception of RED FM 93.5

  • Manu Nagesh, Rupkatha Chatterjee and Nayana Nimkar


The RED FM is India’s biggest FM radio station with 50 stations across the country. In November 2012 Bangalore station which was Kannada moved to being Hindi station. RED FM is broadcasted on frequency of 93.5, branding is Superhits and the tag line is Bajaate Raho! It is a part of the Sun Group based in Chennai. The objective of the study is to understand the brand awareness and brand perception of RED FM among the listeners in Bengaluru market. This objective was further divided into 3 sub objectives which caters to the questions of awareness, reasons behind the preference and the effectiveness of RED FM Bengaluru. The study was conducted in Bangalore through online questionnaire. The sampling technique adopted was convenience sampling. A sample size of 400 was collected in the age group of 16 to 60 which is the Target Group of the company. The analysis was inferential and qualitative in nature which was mainly used to understand the attributes that listeners relate to RED FM and the awareness level of RED FM Bengaluru.