Robotic Services In Cloud Computing

  • J. Durga Prasad Rao, Santosh Kumar Miri, Hari Shankar Prasad Tonde


Cloud computing and service oriented architecture (SOA) are the dominant computing paradigm. Since past few years Robotics applications have also started to build around these paradigms. This paper presents entrance of robotic services in SOA and cloud computing. Where a client/user can opt for the robotic services present at the cloud like navigation, map building, object recognition etc. Map-reduce computing cluster is also facilitated at the cloud to process large amount of data for the cloud robotic services. The whole system follows the Web 2.0 standard. We also reported the simulation results for service based speech controlled robots with visual programming language (VPL) of Microsoft Development Robotics Studio (MDRS) and implementation of map-reduce computing cluster in robotic cloud.