Neuro – Spike Analysis Using Stochastic Resonance with Random Fluctuations

  • Sanjeev Kumara, Dilkeshwar Pandeya, S.K. Bhartib


Stochastic resonance phenomenon is studied to observe the effect of small external noise on nonlinear system. Integrate and fire models are widely studied in the field of computational neuroscience.  In this paper phenomenon of stochastic resonance is investigated in  two models viz  integrate and fire and leaky integrate and fire. Salient features of this study is that external oscillatory input is considered with random parameters i.e. phase difference, frequency and amplitude with varying noise intensity. Monte Carlo simulation method is used to generate sample paths of the underlying models which exhibit the stochastic resonance in presence of random parameters. Interestingly stochastic resonance occurs around values of noise intensity which are almost same in all cases.