Design And Evaluation Of Cardamom Plucking Machine

  • V Thanigaivelan, J. Silkson John , M. Krishna , S. Ganesh , B Prabhakaran


Today, the cardamom harvest is physically carried out by tree-climbing workers.

Therefore, to avoid scaling and troubleshooting in this area, cardamom extraction equipment is required. Although India is an agricultural nation and the more of its citizens rely on agriculture for a living, some agricultural areas are short of labor. This labor problem is currently on the rise. Therefore, it is necessary to apply an innovative technique to solve the problem of labor shortage. For the design of the cardamom harvesting tool, it is significant to acknowledge the customer's necessity, mainly suggested by users, and market trends. Detailed ethnographic research has been conducted in the field of cardamom harvesting to understand the problems in the area. Bibliographic searches, GEMBA surveys and customer surveys, market surveys, etc. were carried out. The main objective of the study is to design and develop equipment for the extraction of cardamom to facilitate the collection of cardamom in the agricultural area. The quality analysis distribution (QFD) and the product design specifications were made from the information analysis result.