Data analysis on machines of pharmaceutical manufacturing Industry

  • Utkarsh Rahane, Vishal Karande, Vrushabh Deogirikar, Rajas Chaudhari, Prof. Avinash Bagul


Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry involves a variety of machines for various purpose like production, quality check, packaging and many such. Checkweigher and metal detector are machines being used in this industry. Checkweigher is a machine used for checking the weight of packaged products.  It is used to verify whether the weight of the packaged goods is in the predefined limits or not. It can also categorize the products as per their weight in specific range. If any discrepancies are found then the packages are discarded from the production line immediately. It is mostly done on fragile goods whose weight content makes a difference. A checkweigher can weigh upto 300 items per minute. In a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry about 15000 to 20000 tablets per machine per hour are produced. During this process, there is a possibility that metal particles may get infused in the contents of the tablets. For checking and discarding such impured tablets, these are passed through the pharmaceutical metal detector which discards the tablets with all possible impurities. We aim to analyse the data generated by both these machines and generate reports that can be used in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for traceback activities. Based on this analysis and graphs generated, we will be determining the faults or exceptional cases occurred in the machine or production line when working which will provide assistance in increasing efficiency.