Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT): Opportunities and Challenges

  • Mrs. Manisha P. Navale , Mrs. Reshma G. Navale


The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices round the world that are connected to the web, all assembling and sharing data, that makes new applications and services. These services lead to rising our class of lifetime. On the other side, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applicable to various areas of science. It’s goal is to know techniques that need associate degree of intelligent action and solve advanced issues. Integration of IoT with AI can produce a strong technology that may solve several of IoT issues that relate to the massive quantity of knowledge developed by different IoT devices. Huge amount of IoT data can be analysed efficiently with the huge analysis capabilities of AI to extract meaningful information. In addition, AI will facilitate IoT devices to communicate with humans and other objects showing intelligence and create independent conclusions. This paper offers a summary of the combination of the IoT with AI by emphasising the integration opportunities and challenges of AI in various IoT applications. In conclusion the integration of AI with IoT will produce a strong technology that can help companies to avoid unintentional downtime, increase operating efficiency, and enable new IoT applications and services.