Review Of Face Recognition And Face Emotion Detection System Using Open Source Computer Vision (Opencv)

  • Vaibhav Mandavkar Mr. S. S. Kale


In the last decade there has been rising interest in computer vision.Face recognition and emotion-recognition has transcended from abstruse to popular area of computer vision research and one of the best and most successful applications of image analysis.Especially due to the intrinsic nature of the issue, computer vision is not only an field of study in computer science, but also an focus of neuroscientific and psychological studies, primarily because of the general opinion that developments in computer image processing and comprehension study might provide deep insights into how our brain functions and vice versa. The proposed aThis research presents a framework based on facial features and their actions for real-time face recognition and facial emotion detection systems. OpenCV i.e Opensource Computer Vision is used to implement the face detection process, it serves as the input for the algorithm.