A Survey on Host Based Botnet Detection System

  • Adwait A. Rajmane, Shreya B. Ahire


Botnets have today turned into one of the considerable threats to security systems. Botnets are believed to gain popularity among cyber criminals for attacking internet-connected devices from DVR players to corporate mainframes. Fake news on social media is spreading for social media bots and automated accounts. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also on the radar of cyber criminals who are mined using botnets. Botnets are very difficult to detect. Devices that are directly connected to the Internet or can be attacked or infected wirelessly. DDoS) can launch complex spam campaigns, launch massive financial fraud campaigns, and shake public beliefs with social media bots. In addition, as botnets continue to expand, many unusual things show a higher level of sophistication and anonymity, and it is more important to oppose them dramatically. Today, network security requires detecting various botnet threats and eventually ending them this section shows you how to implement a host-based intrusion detection system to detect botnet attack threats. This method is based on variations of genetic algorithms for detecting anomalies in the case of an attack.