Applying Image Processing to Analyze Liver Cancer

  • Raushan Kumar, Mrs. R.P. Karande


Image Processing is a technique in which the image is taken as an input and it is processed further to get the result which is also an image. We can also take multiple images as input and can get the output which may be a single image or set of images. The image processing technique uses certain types of algorithm to process theimages. In the modern era image processing plays a vital role in almost every field that comes in our imagination. The usage of Image Processing can be classified based on

the source of generation of the image.

The images that we use today are mainly generated from Electromagnetic Spectrum. Image processing is used in Medical Diagnostics, Astronomy, electronic circuit board to examine circuit boards for flaws in manufacturing, like missing components or broken traces, lithography, industrial inspection, lasers, microscopy, in automated visual inspection of manufactured goods, in fake currency detection, Pattern Recognition, MRI etc.

In this paper, this technique focuses on detection of Cancer cell of Liver.

Here MRI is used to detect the cancer cell.