Application of Blockchain in Software Defined Network

  • Praneeta Dumbre, Shailesh P. Bendale


With Technological advancement it has become necessary to construct a network which is centralized and can be controlled through various policies with maximum security. SDN being a software defined network is introduced to provide agility in network that is being widely used and to provide security to the SDN network we are using Blockchain. Blockchain is a trending technology which allows information to be distributed over a peer to peer network and not copied. Problems faced in providing security to SDN are the attacks like and privacy in the network. The first application of Blockchain was Bitcoin and crypto currency but its application is not limited to this two. There is a lot of work being done in Health-Care, Tourism, Finance, Automation and Management using Blockchain as core technology. To resolve this problem we use Blockchain Technology which will minimise the threats and give effective way of implementing this network. In this paper we are going to study collaboration of SDN and Blockchain together in a network and the applications which can be designed around this two technologies.