Software Defined Network (SDN) for 5G era an emerging Mega-trend.

  • Ruchira Borkar, Shailesh Bendale


As of now in the near future there is a need of improving data rate, increasing capacity ensuring the quality of service provided to the user .With these demands and prime objectives 5G will be implemented in around 2020, which might provide about 100 times better speed rate. With the implementation of 5G limitless connectivity will come into picture i.e.  Everything will be connected and online by default. With the emergence of 5G era the need to develop more flexible and agile networks is felt which is when SDN (software defined networks) comes into picture. SDN as originally defined is an approach to build and design the network and also facilitate the management of networks, which separates the network’s forwarding planes and control planes which makes the network control precisely programmable, it also abstracts the elemental infrastructure for network services and applications.SDN is rapidly evolving as an architecture in order to provide flexibility to software driven programmable organizations. The conventional SDN architecture is based upon a centralized controller that manages the entire network, which might be inefficient so a new concept of DBU’s (Dedicated Backup Unit) is proposed. SDN basically redefines the requirements to support the network architecture for the upcoming 5G era. SDN for 5G will provides an intelligent platform to build multiple programmable networks.