Salesforce: A Crm

  • Praveen Garg, Mr.P.S.Hanwate


 A technology named cloud computing has put itself in huge demand and headed and used by most of the organization, which provide services like Infrastructure as service (IaaS) and it provides a basic block for building application that is known as a Platform as service (Platform as a Service), and access any of such services there is no need to install any external software. Salesforce is named organization in the Cloud computing domain. To work upon Salesforce, it requires programming languages like java and APEX, where Apex is used as a backend language, Apex is the same as java language but there is a bit of syntax difference to java. Salesforce strives to secure data on the cloud with a single sign-on authentication service. Being a named domain in the field of cloud computing provides two ways to work upon a server namely configuration and customization, With help of configuration, we can write code our self while configuring our project and in customization, we can customize the salesforce framework in drag and drop manner.