Automated Nursery Management System

  • Vijay Prashant Pawar ,Pranav Mukund Patil ,Mr.P.S.Hanwate


The pollution level is increased due to an increase in industrialization and Urbanization. Such increased pollution causes drastic and continuous changes in Moisture, Temperature, and Humidity. For small nurseries, one person may able to handle the nursery but in the case where the nursery is divided into several branches, it is essential to have at least one backup person who understands crop status, knows everything that needs to be done, and knows how to do these things. The extra person who handles the nursery in the absence of admin is a backup person which keep the track of nursery in absence of admin. Different Nursery managers have different personalities and Management Skills. Some general characteristics, however, are important to good nursery management. The effective nursery is one which uses less labor and which cannot be easily influenced by the climate.  It is not that much easy to handle Nursery located at different branches. In some previous years that is in recent years, there is a canopy remote Monitoring System that Monitor Nursery remotely. In this System, we use different modules such as Temperature sensor, Moisture Sensor, Humidity Sensor and Light sensor with different types of controller, GSM, ADC, etc. All the above-mentioned modules are used to sense the different Nursery parameters such as Temperature, Moisture, and Light Intensity. Those all sensors are connected to the controller for the automatic monitoring of the Nursery Appliances to control Temperature, Moisture, and Light Intensity level. The output is in the form of an Analog signal which needs to be converted into Digital signal. For the same analog to digital converter that is ADC is used.