Self-Driving Cars Using Combination Of Ai And Blockchain

  • Gaurav Kumar, Aishwarya Raut ,Guide: prof. Nilam Kadale


IntegrationofAI and blockchain means a mixture of two technologies, AI and blockchain.  These are becoming very popular technologies in now days. A revolution can be made using these technologies combination. Complication is reduced in process of automatic driving cars and blockchain is used to distribute the experience. Driver less car are trained like this, that they will stop when nearer to an entity. In starting car will drive till it collides with that object. All the actions done by car get stored in memory and after some more hits, car learns that it have to when it reaches too close to an object. The present scenario is that, individually all cars are trained until they get to know that at how much distance they should stop. The purpose of this paper is to link all cars with a distributed pubic ledger on which data is shared by one car to all other for learning the tasks like when to from the other’s experiences this will eliminate heavy work of teaching each car individually. Blockchain Technology can be used for carrying out this integrated learning.