Intelligent Lpg Gas Leakage Detection And Automatic Gas Reserve System

  • Seethamani P, Vinotha R


There are rapid advances in innovation that impact people life in some perspectives due to rapidly improvement in various areas, however, we must nonetheless adopt this innovation for the ultimate goal that we can make life easier to live with. In our country, it is out of the imagination to wait gracefully for LPG through pipes for each house, since the creation of LPG is excessively short. It is difficult to keep track of the LPG cylinder usage to book the new cylinder on time and mostly we will notice it after running out of gas. To solve this problem, we are  making a device which will monitor the amount of LPG present in the cylinder at regular intervals and provide timely alerts beforehand.  It will also book new cylinder automatically, if critical gas level is reached. Another major problem that customers of LPG chambers accurately obtain LPG gas compliance status "results in a large carry-over of the camera reserve, which is uncomfortable most of the time. Currently we have an IVRS frame in which the customer needs to know little about according to the automatic voice, also incorporates choice options The vast majority of unqualified people cannot complete the reservation due to this explanation and, in addition to one, part of which these fixed telephones are occupied due to blocked calls or telephones which do not work due to specific problems. They can transmit the LPG chamber on time Identified with the well-being of the customer in the filter by a gas spill GPL persistent and warns the customer overflow to avoid specific incidents which, for the most part, cost human lives.