Predictive Maintenance And Battery Life Saver For Electric Vehicles

  • Seethamani P ,Gowtham P, Kishore K, Ragupathi P , Vignesh P


 Nowadays, people changed their vehicle types from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Eco-friendly and save more energy. Electric scooters are made up of two main components. BLDC motor as best motor and the battery is used for energy storage device. Therefore, maintaining the battery life requires the development of monitoring and diagnostic tools. The design of the device is necessarily optimized to optimize the use of batteries and is designed to monitor and detect interruptions or damage to the batteries used in electric scooters. The parameters used in the design are voltage, current, temperature and battery capacity. In addition, by optimizing the use of the battery, all parameters are managed by the CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol. The settings will be displayed on the Android smart phone and it will check that the scooter is working and will notify you when the battery is dead or in good condition. Problems such as overheating and cellular imbalance have occurred. Based on the experimental results, the maximum tension was found to be minimum.