Secure Cloud Log for Cyber Forensics

  • Shubham Sahare, Aditya Vanjari , Amar Sawant, Shubham Wasade


Nowadays cloud computing has become a popular computing paradigm. There is a lack of support for cloud forensic investigation in cloud computing. The vital role in cloud computing is to analyze various logs (e.g., network log or process log or activity logs). Hence log is a valuable information source in investigations of cloud forensics. There are many other existing sources for secure log storage designed for the typical ordinary system instead of the complexity in the cloud environment. Therefore our team is proposing an another scheme for secure log data  in the cloud environment.

In our proposed system we have been  encrypted various log files using the unique public key of the user so that the content cannot be decrypted by other users. In order to prevent  modifications of a log for unauthorized, due to such approach, the verification time can be reduced significantly.