Unusual Human Activity Detection Using Opencv Python With Machine Learning

  • Abhishek S. Mohite, Darshan K. Sangale, Prathamesh R. Oza, Tushar D. Parekar, Prof. Manisha P. Navale,


Within Proposed Paper, We Introduce A Completely Unique Method For Detecting Unusual Activities Of Human.An Activity Which Attracts The Attention Of Others Is Classified As Unusual.It Can Be Quarreling Or Any Suspicious Behaviour Which Is Not Appropriate. A System Has Been Proposed Which Uses Machine Learning Algorithms To Analyse Human Behaviour And Classify It Into Usual Or Unusual.The System Uses Concept Of Supervised Learning.The System Is Developed To Try To Automate The Manual Surveillance System.Security Is Major Concern Today. So There Is A Need To Develop A System Which Automatically Detects Suspicious Behaviour.