“Interface For Farmers And Customers By Avoiding Mediators Using Location-Based Distribution”

  • Rushikesh B Chidrawar, Prasad M Bichkule, Sukrut S Revalkar,Omkar S Gosavi,Nilam K Kadale


Our aim is to develop an interface for farmers/sellers and customer/buyers by avoiding mediators using location based distribution system for agricultural products connecting farmers and customers on a common digital platform. The website allows any account holder to behave as seller(farmers) or buyer. The seller can list the products they want to sell, and the buyer can directly buy from the seller. This establishes direct connection facilitating both to get a better deal on farm products. It also provides easy access of information from local to national markets. User can easily access market prices for any product according to the location. We are also providing a system by which farmer can enter soil related details on the basis of which our system will suggest which crop can produce high yield.