Application Of Bct In Secure Electronic Voting System

  • Prof. P.T. Suradkar, Mayur Mandlik, Gayatri Kothawade, RutujaAndhalkar, Anjali Jagtap


As traditional election uses electronic devices which needs paper for its working. Also we are not sure about the security and transparency which may be a threat. Currently traditional election uses centralized system whose database and system is controlled from one organization. This may cause occurrence of many issues if the system fails. Database if gets hacked may cause long time for recovery and can hyper all the organization at the same time. But block chain election system has control of all the database from its specific organization so if system fails can cause issue to one organization and others can work without any trouble. Also block chain reduces the chances of security break as the database goes one level lower in size more secured it can be made. Block chain itself has been used in the Bit-coin system consulted to as the decentralized Bank system. The ultimate aim of project is to represent the voting result using Block Chain that too from every place of election. Unlike Bit-coin with its Proof of labor, this can be a way supported a predetermined activate the system for every node within the built of block chain.