“Relative Analysis of Sun Microsystems Open Office and Microsoft Office”

  • Prof. PrachiDattatrayaVarpe, Prof. Rutuja Vilas Kotkar, Prof. Renuka Subhash Tanpure


OpenOffice and Microsoft Office are the two greatest players in the workplace profitability showcase today. OpenOffice is fabricated and kept up by Sun Microsystems and the other, as the name suggests, is made by Microsoft. The fundamental contrast between the two is the way of thinking. Open Office is for nothing out of pocket, and open source. Sun and the OpenOffice’s people group have constructed and kept up their product to benefit PC clients, much like the improvement of Linux. here examination will think about the distinctions, and how they stack facing each other. Finally, we will finish up which one is directly for you and abstain from sitting around idly, and potentially cash, on an inappropriate one[1].

here  a central point like a word processor, Spreadsheets, backing to various sorts of records, PDF backing, Alignment and designing, auto spare, backing to math formulae and conditions, stage (working frameworks), size of documents and so on. And lastely defined which one is the most financially savvy and effective office suite for which sort of PC clients[2].