Finding Objects for Assisting Blind People

  • Danish Shaikh, Aniket Patil, Rohit More, Sachin Gaikwad


Impairment and visual impairment due to varied health problem have been massively reduced, however existence of those optical problems can be in many of us according to World Health Organization are in danger of age-related damages. Visual info may be the basis for many guidance tasks, thus visually challenged folks are into disadvantage as a result of necessary info concerning the encompassing surroundings isn't offered. Because of latest innovations for overall technology that's doable so that we increase assistance presented to folks having optical problems throughout an individuals life. For these visual problems we tend to introduce a way used for smart assistance, where main goal is that of presenting visually impaired people flexibility to manoeuvre around in unacquainted with surroundings, certainly inner or outer, using user-friendly accommodating interface. Our research is targeted principally within the development of the pc camera visual elements of nearly good quality   and voice help system. visually handicapped person simply get interacted with net system through voice help. we tend to area unit sleuthing Associate in Nursing object victimisation the camera Associate in Nursing giving voice directions concerning the path of a element. The user consistently should be training the module initially concerning the item info .We would be then doing feature extraction to go looking for target object within the camera reach. we tend to are that of taking facilitate of angle wherever physical entity is placed in present path concerning the item.