Computerized Blood Bank Management System Using Geofencing

  • Riya Dandekar, Shweta Mane, Ronak Shah


Blood is the main constituent of our body there are many problems where the availability of blood is very much important.and therefore we have created an application for donors. Donors are going to be prompted to enter the details like name telephone number and blood type.In emergency situations you can check for blood banks or hospitals matching specific blood type with the help of geofencing and filtering techniques.if blood is not there then user can look for donor’s that are nearby there out-sized number of blood donors are attract using Android Application.Since every person has mobile phones with him only the person has to do the registration on the application and he/she will be able to get the services .with the help of GPS technology we can track the blood bank and the requirement of the blood .The person can trace and reach the desired location.if the blood is not there the application can make the range greater to acquire the blood.