Object Detection and Voice Assistance for Blind Person

  • Danish Shaikh , Aniket Patil , Rohit More , Sachin Gaikwad


 Visual blindness caused by several diseases are immensely reduced, but many of us are in threat of age-related vision defect. Visual information is that the basis for many directional responsibilities, so visually impaired people are at a drawback because required        information about the surrounding environment isn't accessible. With the recent advances in comprehensive knowledge, it's likely to rise the support given to people with vision defects during their flexibility. During this paper, we have proposed a system, for detecting objects, whose objective is to help  blind users to identy obstacles and provide elasticity to maneuver everywhere within the strange environment, whether indoor or outdoor, through a user-friendly interface. This paper is focused mainly on the event of an object detection system using image processing with the OpenCV in python and voice assistance system. Blind people easily get cooperated with the web system through voice assistance. We are detecting an object using the camera  and identifying the images stored in the database and matching them with the captured  images and giving voice instructions about the direction of an object. Users has to  train the system  about the thing information using the Yolo model in the begining. We are then doing feature extraction to go looking for objects within the camera view. We are taking the assistance of an angle where object is placed to allow direction about the thing. The trained model is generated first so the live camera relates with objects after the finding the object users get notified  the voice output of related objects so it's easy for blind people to acknowledge objects and find the way.