A Study on the Basics and Approaches of Identifying and Analyzing Human behaviour

  • Kshitij Patil, Dr. Shwetambari. A. Chiwhane


With the development in fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning  advancing rapidly, the field of human behaviour identification and its analysis has become a widely under research topic all over the globe. The cumulative aspect of processes involved in recognition of human affections is termed as affective computing. It is an integral part of sentiment recognition as well as computer-user interaction.It takes into consideration the emotional states of the user.The identification of human behaviour or feelings is a process which involves multiple domains working together in-order to acquire an inference.There are three sub-domains to be considered while computing human emotions:affect representation and recognition, affect interpretation and modeling, affect simulation while computer vision as well as pattern recognition which are complemented by artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in deriving a conclusion.