Numerical Investigation of a Labyrinth Seal with number of teeth in an Axial Compressor of a Gas Turbine

  • Chakka Krishna , Dr. Sunil Chandel


 Increase of Aero-engine performance with the improvement of core flow processes has become more and more complicated. So improvement in efficiency of sub systems can improve the overall engine efficiency. Use of labyrinth seal for improvement of secondary flow system performance is popular and common. Labyrinth seal is widely used in sealing solutions of gas turbine due to its low price, low maintenance, high temperature capability and minimal rub particle contamination. Labyrinth seals are normally used to control the leakage flow in the compressor stator well. The upstream and downstream rotor-stator cavities of the labyrinth seal can cause complex reverse leakage flows which affect the compressor efficiency and the overall engine performace. In the present paper numerical study was made to understand the effects of number of teeth over the leakage flow rate.