Smart Interaction System For Blind And Dumb

  • Ms. Pooja Bhagat-Thakre


Science and Technology have made Human life addictive to comfort but still there exists an deprived group of people who are fighting for finding an different way that can make the process of communication easier for them. According to the research, about 285 million people in the world are blind and 1 million are dumb. Dumb-blind communication can be a tricky topic to tackle. Assistive technology leading to full participation of specially abled people in a technological society could turn this huge communication setback to productive comeback. Speech recognition application, reading machine, accessible computers and software applications are the main areas addressed throughout this paper with reference to the background technologies, architectures, formats, on-going research activities and projects. Gesture primarily based system is meant to produce the communication between dumb, deaf and blind people and their communication with the healthy person.