Real Time Bidirectional Communication Interpreter For Deaf Community

  • Prasanna Phadtare , Prof. Kirti Balsaraf , Om Panhale , Shubham Patil, Sayali Chavan


Sign Language research field based on real time hand gestures called sign samples and recognition unit of computer. The sign language is the only method which can be used by deaf and dumb community as a communication platform. In this system, we are going to work on the American Sign Language (ASL) dataset for (A-Z) alphabet recognition followed by our word recognition dataset of Indian Sign Language (ISL). Sign data samples to be making our system more accurate with help of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Today, more research has been going on the field of sign language recognition and detection but existing study failed to develop trust full communication interpreter. The purpose of this system is to represent a real time two way communication interpreter based on Indian Sign Language (ISL) with higher accuracy. Indian Sign Language (ISL) used by Deaf peoples community in India, does have acceptable, meaningful essential and structural properties.