Identifying the Non-linear Stiffness of Elastic Rail Clip using Different Loading Conditions

  • Sandeep Valji Shinde, Dr. S. S. Sarawade, Prof. S. K. Agarwal


The Railway Track is a Continuous Beam Structure  [consists of (i) Super-Structure - the Rail, Fastening System and Sleepers; (ii) Sub-Structure - Non-Cohesive Granular Materials viz Stone Ballast] that is supported on the Elastic Foundation having Sleepers, Rail Pad, Liners and Elastic Clips tied to the Rail. Extensive research has been carried out for understanding the behavior of rail fasteners, comprised of the Fastening Clips, Fastening Plate, Rail Pad. Those mostly concentrates on the dynamic behavior of the fastening system, and its predictive life. This study shows the non-linear behavior of the elastic rail clip. To demonstrate the behavior of the fastening clip, a simplified model, is simulated using Finite Elements, 1-D Beam Elements. It successfully demonstrates the non-linear behavior of the elastic rail clip. Also, the study presents the stiffness calculations based on its non-linear behavior, to discuss the influence of the loading of the elastic rail clip, with respect to the stiffness of the clip.