A Study for Heart Disease Prediction using IoT and Deep Learning

  • Kanchan Katake


 Health is one of the very basic needs to any individual. One of the issues related with the health sector framework is the absence of therapeutic offices and systems to track the patient's history to give the viable treatment. IOT devices allow and promote healthy and free living to older individuals. Accidental injuries have been one in all the leading causes of death in older adults. as an example, each year over a 3rd of individuals over sixty-five within the U.S. expertise a fall, of that up to thirty percent lead to moderate to severe injury. Our approach tries to analyze existing wearable devices to measure heart affecting parameters and design appropriate sensors for stress hormones, heart ageing and cholesterol. Also aiming to develop an algorithm to generate an alarm in case there is any danger to human life. This study also aims to predict any heart disease by using available data as well data generated through IOT devices. For this prediction we can trying to develop machine learning and deep learning algorithms by studying existing approaches.