Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques in Heat Sink: a Review.

  • S.G. Chavan, Vardan Rai, Yash Gole, Sagar Desai, Nitin Badhe5


All engineering systems under operations generates heat. If this heat is not removed periodically the system will fail due to overheating of components. Hence, extended surface or fin are used to remove the heat from the system. In this report experimental study on aluminium rectangular fins with inline array and perforations are made under forced convection mode with different voltages, air velocities and fin spacing of 8 mm. Reynolds number varies from 4000 to 18000 in step of 4000 and heatinputat50W, 80W, 100W, 125W.Results will be compared with solid perforated fins of same spacing’s cross fin-array with and without perforation.