Industrial Management and Productivity Enhancement of Various Products by Critical Path Method

  • Prof. Vaibhav R. Kukade, Prof. Nachiket G. Chanshetti, Prof. Suhas S. Alkunte


This is the detailed study about industrial management and productivity enhancement of wire shielded tube by critical path method. Critical Path Method is the management methodology, the main objective of the method is to determine the best way to reduce time required to perform routine and repetitive tasks which needs to support an organization and also help to reduce time and increase productivity of the required product. The paper studies the critical path method for wire shielded tube process plan and also helps to find out the best way to obtain required time in various processes. The paper also covers the various methods to improve the industrial problems like waste management, time management, improper arrangement of workplace and improper layout. The aim of this paper is mainly to increase the efficiency of the industry.