Design and Development Of Anti-Theft Steering Mechanism Using A Smart System

  • V. D. Patil, Rohan Bagul, Aditya Harke ,Tanmay Joshi, Sahil Kamthe


The steering mechanism is one of the important parameters for any automobile vehicle since from its inception. The steering mechanism has evolved a during past many years. There are various kinds of steering mechanisms used in automobiles which have been evolved from mechanical systems to hydraulic, electric, and its automation. At present improved steering systems of automobile cannot work until the vehicle starts. Though it has been observed from many incidences that without the key the vehicles were stolen. For these reasons manufactures have primary focus on improving the overall security to prevent the theft of vehicle. From various incidences, reports it is clear that there still remains a scope for improvement in steering mechanism to avoid/minimize the theft of automobile. It was also observed when the team participated for Go-kart racing to avoid the kart theft. Considering this problem in mind it was decided to focus on this point which will avoid the theft by locking the steering mechanism. It will also give additional feature for enhanced security such that if it is started unlawfully the steering would not respond unless the user authorizes it.

This paper brief about the concept is to reduce the theft of vehicle by locking the steering of the Go-kart with the help of electromechanical system. In addition, for enhanced security will be provided for the comfort of the individuals by using GSM technology and biometrics which may be helpful for any automobile.

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