Design And Manufacturing Of Camless Engine

  • Nishant. G. Wagh, Aditya. S. Surve, Shubham. B. Kasar, Pankaj. S. Katkar, Mailareppa Marachakkanavar


As we all know that the automobile basically deals with the engine manufracturing and the working of the engine. The weight of the engine is the issue while designing the automobile. So as to reduce the weight of the automobile here is the new concept of (CLE) Camless Engine. The main objective of the project is manufacture a camless engine. We are using the electro/hydraulics/pneumatic forces to run the engine. Main objective is to control the valve timing of the engine. The goal of maximum displacement and frequency is 10mm and 50Hz respectively. The hydraulics spool and the piezoelectric stack are the basic main component of the engine.

The project was divided into 3 phases,

  1. Conceptual development
  2. Design and Manufacturing
  3. Testing and Analysis