Solar Tiles As Rooftop

  • Pratiksha Hire, Mohini Kokane, Shriprasad Gaikwad, Shubham Bhople, Sanjaykumar Balte


from last 50-60 years the energy consumption has rapidly increased in the world mainly due to increasing population and economic development of countries. Government is planning to take important steps towards compulsory usage of electric vehicles. As we know About 80-90% of the energy consumed in the world is obtain by combustion of fossils fuels such as oils, natural gas, coal and oil shales; hence, to overcome this, solar power is used in the form of reliable renewable energy. Now with the rise of new technology, innovations like solar roofs tiles have made solar power even more affordable and accessible. Solar roof tiles are smaller than the traditional panels. Solar tiles are about 12 inches wide by 86 inches long. Tesla is one of best and leading company in the field of solar products. Tesla solar roof tiles are more efficient than the other companies in market.