Cardless ATM using AES Algorithm for User Data Security

  • Radhika Mandi , Raghuveer Rajesh Dani, Jawale Rushikesh Bhimrao, Nivangune Akshay Dilip, Patil Akshay Eknath


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) transactions are  secure, efficient and inevitable in order to satisfy our financial obligations. The conventional solution to the usage of ATM laws includes the presence of the Debit card. We realize that in tandem with ATM use, cell phone use has always become an unavoidable phenomenon. Establishing a bridge between such e-gadgets has given rise to an easy and realistic approach to withdrawing cash without the presence of a debit card, which can  be referred to as a cardless cash withdrawal. The Fingerprint module is used to validate the customer. Face recognition and fingerprint are used to authenticate the customer. That, along with OTP, requires three types of protection. As Fingerprint and OTP are paired, an ATM computer would be activated by the

customer's account.