Recommendation of Indian Cuisine Recipes Based on Ingredients

  • Prof B.B. Gite, Aarti Nagarkar , Chaitali Rangam


The Recipe Recommendation Program for Indian Cuisines is a program that learns from the past tastes of a user's favorite recipes to recommend a fresh, untested cuisine. The basis of the recommendation is the ingredients that the user has already liked in the recipesIndia's traditional cuisine has been largely refreshing owing to its impressive use of herbs and tastes. Indian cuisine is renowned for its broad variety of dishes. The cooking style moves from the city to the district and is usually divided into South Indian and North Indian cuisine. India is very much praised for its variety of multi-foods accessible in various and inn resorts, suggestive of unity in a number of ways. The staple food in India involves maize, rice, and chana (Bengal Gram) heartbeats that are the most important. At present, there has been a great deal of improvement in the Indian sense of taste. Bengali cuisine is exciting because of its excellent usage of panch phoron, a word used to apply to the five essential flavours, to be a common mustard. Fenugreek seed, cumin seed, aniseed seed, and black cumin crop. Likewise, other dishes from all over the world are a mix of flavors that nourish taste buds.