Real Time Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring System.

  • Mrs.Anjali A Chandavale, Archana B Bangar, Jasmin A Mulani, Pooja L Warekar


Diabetes is a disease in which the blood glucose level in human body increases from its normal level. The increase in sugar level is either due to insufficient production of insulin in blood cells .When the amount of glucose in blood drops below normal level (i.e. below 70 mg/dL) is called as hypoglycaemia. When blood sugar level is higher than normal level (i.e. 130 mg/dL) is called as hyperglycaemia. Glucose monitoring techniques are categorized as Invasive and Non-Invasive .In invasive monitoring technique, finger pricking is used to determine blood glucose level. In non-invasive technique without taking drop of blood glucose level is monitored .Some invasive techniques are portable glucometer, implantable glucometer while some non-invasive techniques are Tear based gluco sensor, interstitial fluid based, etc. This paper provides all the techniques that are useful for monitoring blood glucose level. The detailed description of each technique is elaborated in this paper. The modern techniques for monitoring blood glucose level which are efficient are also described in this paper.