Video Analysis With Speech Modulation Using Neural Networks

  • Jaymala Pawar, Shamal Pawar, Mrunal Pardeshi, Abhishek Patil ,Prof.M.P.Nerkar


Many devices now-a-days are having a capacity to interact with the end users. It is a challenge for these devices to understand analyse the sentiments of a user. Real-time analysis of speech patterns and facial expressions for detecting sentiments. Many deep learning techniques prove useful in such cases. Our literature survey well explains facial expression analysis and speech to text conversion methods. This paper explains semantic localization technique. Semantic networks have been used for making sentence hypotheses for the purpose of speech recognition. Natural Language Processing  (NLP) plays an important role to compute the semantics between two short texts. It is challenging enough to give high accuracy output using feature extraction and classification schemes. Hence we aim to achieve high performance solution in order to be efficiently implemented on hardware like GPU(NVIDIA). This paper specifies the ideology and the methodology that facilitates the user to evaluate its sureness and accuracy for a certain article.