Blockchain Based Secure Voting System Using Iot

  • Dr.R.Suganya, A.Sureshkumar, P.Alaguvathana, Ms.S.Priyadharshini, K. Jeevanantham


         As there are many revolutionary technologies in the voting system, nowadays people can record their vote by online from their remote places, which saves time and energy. On the other perspective, important aspect that has to be considered is security in online processing system. Block chain technology helps in maintaining the security against cyber-attacks in this application. This system provides distributed architecture of storing the data and this distributed architecture system stores the data among different servers. When the voting is made by the people after their biometric confirmation, the block chain technology helps in converting the votes into the hash value and save them to their corresponding database, where the reliability of the data is maintained. This technology provides transparency in the voting system and apart from the vote count the anonymity of the people will be maintained. This ensures the privacy of the voters. So the proposed system establishes the secured voting system which makes the electronic voting system easily accessible.