Development Of Fishermen Safety Using Tri-Zonal Alert And Accident Avoidance System

  • V. Ashok , Dr.C.Thirumalai Selvan,Dr.C.Anand


In today’s world, the generalized technology among the navigation application is Localization and Tracking. The idea presented here is for the welfare of fishermen for travelling in the safer regions on the sea bed making sure that they do not enter into the region of the adjacent country. The water area is categorized into zones with the help of GPS namely Secure Zone and Intermediate Zone. The Intermediate zone stands as a border line that is shared by the adjacent country. The anglers are allowed to angle the entire space of the Secure Zone. While angling by the fisherman, if the ship trespasses from the Secure Zone to the intermediate zone (which is the border line) and enters the region of the adjacent country, a caution alert is being shipped to the fisherman. Failing by the fisherman in responding to the caution alert sent and not moving their crafts back to the Secure Zone will lead to the fisherman losing his control over the ship and will be taken by the Check Room which is back in the Harbor with help of ZigBee and Fishermen’s Manual. In this way the illegal transportation is being reported and are noted. This framework makes a difference in anglers to cruise in secure zone without venturing into inconvenience. The US sensor are used for the display which will help the anglers to look out on the impediment way. The option of sending a crisis message to the room is being provided to the fishermen in case of emergency so that the coast protect can reach them out for help.