Face Recognition And Detection Method With Image Based Security Access Control System

  • K.Amutha and Dr.V.Vallinayagi


         With the help of biometrics there are many methods to identify the human identification in face recognition and detection. In this process, we have to collect the datasets and to calculate the evaluation method for video based face detection and recognition. This method is the most important part for the computational model for human perception system. It can be used for different applications such as   protection access control, fault detection method, collection of images stored in database and so on. In this process , video-based face recognition was identified  in a capable stage. For the past years, this method has developed more secure and used in a technical manner. Many of them can easily give their efforts and easily identify the face modeling and tracking. In this paper we have to create the new databases and also evaluate the recognition techniques. Nowadays, the energetic applications like  pattern recognition, image analysis etc  can  easily  detect the face recognition.