Voltage Sag Mitigation in Distribution Line Using D-STATCOM

  • Mohammad Najeeb, M. A. Ansari, Jay Singh, Nivedita Singh, Purnima Jaiswal


This paper demonstrates the power electronics-based device to recover the better-quality using power custom devices such as D-STATCOM. Mitigation of voltage sag using custom power devices in 3-phase lines is presented in this work. Utmost, AC loads absorb reactive power that causes poor quality in the transmission system. D-STATCOM compensates the reactive power in the transmission line. It is a three-phase voltage source converter that can absorb and generate the reactive power and supplies the power to the sensitive load. It mitigates power interruption, improves harmonics distortion, voltage sag and low power factor. This paper focuses on mitigation of voltage sag with the help of D-STATCOM which demonstrates the power electronics-based device to recover the better quality. Different types of faults to the transmission line such as SLG fault, LLG fault and LLLG faults have been analyzed in this work. As expected, fault causes voltage sag to the distribution system and by inserting the D-STATCOM, the voltage sag improves and the power factor reach above 0.9 pu.