A Novel Scheme for Medical Image Compression using Huffman and DCT with Water Marking

  • Ankit Kumar Chaudhary, M.A. Ansari, Aruna Pathak, Monika Jain, Pragati Tripathi and Rajat Mehrotra


Image compression is one of the data compression applications in which we convert the original data into a few bits. In image compression we can simply preserve the data needed by removing unwanted data to be proficient to record or refer data in a functioning form. Hence the image compression reduces the communication time and increases the communication speed. We mainly use lossy & lossless technics to remove this type of problem. There is no data loss when we compress images with a lossless image compression technique while some of the unnecessary data losses in lossy image compression technique. By using these processes, we can reduce the data size, which we can save more data in less memory. Here we have done the uses of Huffman & DCT techniques for image compression. In order to analysis medical image we have used the DWT feature extraction technique. Here for security we have done watermarking tool in medical image.