Design And Manufacturing Of Low Cost Blade Less Windmill

  • Prof. M.M. Dhere, Swaraj Pawar, Shivtej Pol, Vaibhav Makhar, Arjun Vhanmane


Power Generation with bladeless windmill gives a new approach to capturing wind energy. The device used to capture the wind energy should have a specific aerodynamics shape which responses to the wind velocity very rapidly. As the wind bypasses over a structure, its flow changes and generates a certain oscillation pattern. Once the forces are strong enough, the structure starts oscillating continuously. Instead of avoiding these aerodynamic disturbances our structure maximizes the resulting oscillation and captures that energy. Actually the design of such structure is different than the present windmills. There is no usual tower, nacelle and blades; the device has a fixed mast, a power generating transducers and a hollow, lightweight and semi rigid fiberglass mast at the top. This puts the technology at the very low capital range. It also makes it highly competitive not only against generations of energy from alternative or renewable sources, but even compared to conventional technologies.