Development Of Solar E-Bike

  • Gaurav Haral, Suraj Chougale, Rohit Kalke, Niranjan Kapadnis


Solar e-bike is a hybrid vehicle which allows the user to choose the mode of its energy. There are two ways a rider can opt to drive Solar E-Bike-electrically operated system, and manual pedal system. The batteries in the electrically operated system can be charged by either Solar panels or wall charge plugin. The P.V. panels must be mounted and installed at the electric bicycle without compromising riding comfort ability. The concept of the solar energy is that a high torque motor will be put on the bicycle which will be generated by the solar energy. The solar energy will be absorbed by the portable solar panel to generate the power. The power that had been absorbed by the panel can be used directly by the motor if the power matches the power requirement. If not, the motor will use the power from a battery. When the bicycle was not in use during the day, the solar panel will charge the battery. The system will make bicycle operate more efficiently.