Central Tyre Inflation System For Four Wheeler

  • Abhishek S Shelar, Renuka U Urane, Pooja S Gitte, Amit P Ingale


Roads are the most important mode of transport nowadays cars are an integral part of it. Tyres lose air through normal driving-especially when run through pot holes permeation. Moreover temperature changes (seasonal) are also one of the reasons due to which tyres lose air. Thus vehicles run with an under-inflated tyre which may cause accidents. Studies show that a drop in tire pressure by just a few PSI can result in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle perfor- mance. This project aims to develop an automatic, self-inflating tire system. Such a system ensures that tires are properly inflated at all times. Our project design is successfully tested and implemented with the help of a centralized compressor. The compressor will supply air to all four tires via hoses and a rotary joint fixed between the wheel spindle and wheel hub at each wheel. The Rotary joint is an integral component of the system-which has half of its part rotating with the wheel rest half part is stationary. The rotary joints effectively allow air to be channeled to the tires. Thus the rotary joint facilitates untangling of hoses. Considering to- day’s ever increasing environmental threats; oil price hikes, energy  consumption our system is most compatible and potential improvement in gas mileage tyre wear reduction which leads to an increase in performance of Tyre in Diverse Conditions.