Torsional Analysis Of Propeller Shaft

  • Viraj Kadam, Niraj Karne, Abhishek Dahibhate, Shriniket Kshirsagar


In the present Scenario weight of automobile is major issue. Many Composite materials are used now a day in order to overcome this problem. The use of this composite material is to apply its characteristic for propeller shaft this characteristic is applied to better performance design requirements of the propeller shaft. The last few years have seen the increasing use of composite materials in many ends of engineering applications. Polymer composites are widely used by automobile industries cause polymers have great stiffness properties. Composite shafts are used to reduce the overall weight of vehicle. Composite materials are having high strength, specific stiffness, specific modulus, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, fatigue life and light weight properties. Automobile industries are switching towards composite materials because of its light weight properties.