Power Generation With Pressure Energy Using Speed Breaker

  • Prof. S.p. Velapure , Onkar Rajendra Mahamuni , Rushikesh Subhash Mahamuni , Santosh Dattatraya, Nandiyawar , Aniket Mohan Naik



Flywheel have consideration to be used for energy storage purposes. Developing countries like India, with growth in the economy, the demand for electricity is increasing. With the demand for reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly storage, Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) is coming into its own. Study presents an analysis shows that using a FESS is a promising alternative in mitigating energy storage problems in decentralized electricity generation where an uninterrupted power supply is required. An electrical machine is used as a motor to store Kinetic Energy when the solar energy is available, and then the stored energy is converted back to electrical energy by running the machine when the solar energy is no longer available. Flywheel Energy Storage systems using advanced technology have come up as a promising alternative to the traditional battery. Energy storage depends on the mass, flywheel shape, and rotational speed. Energy fed into the rotational of a flywheel, store it as Kinetic Energy, and release when it is in demand.